Steering the ship in Ti Kouka again this year is Lance Taylor. Since becoming fully registered in 2016, I am now in my first full year of teaching every day of the week. We have a tight knit class of 23 and we look forward to developing our relationships with each other.


This is my third year up in Canterbury, with my newly discovered fiancē Krysta, who is also a teacher in Christchurch at St Albans Primary school. We live in Tuahiwi and really enjoy the rural feel and it feels great to be living in a place that feels like home. I play rugby for the Ashley Rugby Club and have enjoyed coaching their Un.13’s for the last couple of years. I play cricket for Sefton and we have enjoyed multiple forms of success the last couple of years.




I am a country boy at heart and spent my first 16 years growing up on a farm. I just love getting out and mixing it with the stock.  My parents and siblings are down south in the Clutha region. I have two older sisters (Natalie and Zoe) with the oldest one, Natalie, just getting married in January. My other sister is a school teacher as is my mother Pauline and my father Brent is a stock agent with Farmlands. We love any opportunity we get to catch up and see each other, these times are a lot less now that we are growing up and going in different directions, but home and family are certainly two of the most important things for me.


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Being at Ashley Primary is awesome and I love teaching the kids that come into my classroom and syndicate. I am relishing the opportunity of teaching alongside Chris Meehan (Totara) and Juanita O’Loughlin (Kowhai) and together, along with our 69 kids are going to have a great 2017. We love working together (collaboration) and I can see the confidence in all our children increasing as they learn to self manage and find their own pathway. We set high expectations for everyone and it is great to see children accept these challenges and strive to better themselves and be the best they can be.


One thing I am definitely looking forward to is camp in week 5, which is going to bring us all closer together and I look forward to getting to know more about our tamariki. The relationships and successes achieved on camp will set us up beautifully for the year ahead.


As a staff we appreciate any chance that parents get to come in and speak with us or to come in and watch children at work. You can come in whenever you like and be part of the learning experiences that occur in our syndicate. I am enjoying the positive energy and enthusiasm that is being demonstrated in Ti Kouka already this year and it is great to see their willingness to learn and to get stuck in.


Our slogan in Ti Kouka this year (which can be seen on our treaty) is “We either all get to the finish line together, or we don’t get there at all”. We think this talks about the fact that we are all going to achieve success this year and we will do it together.  


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