Linda Horne and John Lynskey work collaboratively in this teaching space with a fantastic group of 43 Year 2/3/4 children. We are lucky enough to work in a very collaborative environment with a classroom that has been modified to suit our needs.


We share hui times in the morning and then break off into learning groups for reading, writing, spelling and maths.  Fitness and the afternoon programme are run together so there are many opportunities to work with a wide variety of children.  John and Linda place a great deal of emphasis on getting to know your children as they feel that building strong relationships with the children enables them to better meet their individual needs. The more they know about what inspires them and worries them the better able they are to help them within the school setting.

Harakeke’s classroom goal for this year is to “treat others how you wish to be treated”. They are also looking at using all our REACH values with particular emphasis on RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.  This means that there is an expectation that every child will be responsible for their own learning in terms of giving everything a go AND doing so to the best of their ability. In terms of respect each child is encouraged to respect not only themselves and their belongings, but also the classroom, their peers and the adults who work with them.

In terms of who is responsible for which children John reports on the Year 4’s and Linda on the Year 2 and 3’s.

In Harakeke we have an open door policy, so please come in at any time to watch, or join in alongside your child, with their learning.  

If you have any queries about your child, please feel free to contact either John or Linda.

Learning Journals:  this year we are trialling “Seesaw” as a means of keeping you in touch with your child’s learning journey.  They have all been given a parent access QR code so that you can log on and see what they have been up to.  We will also be using this as our BLOG so please take the time to have a look and leave a comment.  The difference between “Seesaw” and a blog is that you will only be able to view work your child has been involved in, or that is relevant to them.




Seasaw is a new app which gives your child a safe space to document their learning and learn how to use technology.  Each child gets their own journal and will add work to share what they're doing at school.  When your child adds items, you'll be notified.  Your child's journal is safe and secure.  Your child's teacher will give you sign up instructions. 


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