Touch rugby is extremely popular at Ashley School. We have four very enthusiastic teams, with children from Year 1 - 8, who train every week and play on Wednesday nights at Southbrook Park. Team work is the key and, especially for the young children it a fun and a very social event. They are very keen to get to be captain for the week and are always eager to find out who is Player of the Day. For some of the older children they can opt in and take on the role of referee for the younger teams.




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Congratulations to the Ashley Awesomes Team who won their Grade.  Thank you to their coach and manager for giving 

their time to support this team.  Well done!

The Touch season runs for the longest out of any of the sports our children are involved in. The season lasts all of Term 4 and runs into Term 1 of the following year.

Ashley Allsorts

Aurelia Dyer, Lani Murray, Ruby Harvey, Jackson Atkinson, Van McFarlane, Shae McFarlane, Liam Jones, Peyton Lyon, Olivier Ditmer Stewart, Bentley Ward, Ruby Frampton and Astelle Harris

Ashley Attackers

Sarah Ditmer Stewart, Cooper Blanken, Arabella Williams, Caelan Rowe, Angus McConnon, Leighton Broad, Ruby Barr and Sam Howarth

Ashley Awesomes

Holly Lyon, Matthew Isherwood, Emma Waldron, Maggie Starkey, Joe Cameron, Sione Lealiki-Waldron, Izaac O'Connor and Luci Elliott

Ashley Anacondas

Olivia Tallentire, Ella Isherwood, Isabella Mulholland, Lewis MacMillan, Robbie McIntosh, Isla Cameron, Emma King, James Howarth and Tristan Dickson

Ashley Stormers

Niko Silcock, Blake Tallentire, Sasha Dickson, Abigail Scott, Jackson Kerr, Levi Harvey, Sophie Scholes, Emma Gillespie and Madison Craw

Ashley Warriors

Jaya Faith, Sasha Smith, Flynn Starkey, Anna Withers, Kaitlyn Gibson, Maia Moloney, Georgia Keating and Xavier Giles


The draw is now posted under the 'Southbrook Touch Facebook Page.'

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Ashley Allsorts vs Titans Ashley 2A 5.10pm Ashley Ref

Ashley Attackers vs Brightsparks 10B 5.10pm Ashley Ref

Ashley Anacondas vs Sefton Flyers 5.10pm Ashley Ref Field 3

Ashley Stormers vs Class on Grass Ashley Ref Field 4 5.45pm






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