Rakau Problem Solving Challenge

Last week a large portion of our Year 6 to 8 students completed the second 30 minute Otago Problem Solving Challenge. For the first time in years we are so proud that we had 3 students achieve correct answers for all 5 questions. 
Marvelous effort Couper Wiki, Connor Page and Niko Silcock. 
We include the questions for you to have a try!
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North Canterbury Cantamath Competition

On Tuesday morning we had three teams competing in the local North Canterbury Cantamath competition at Clarkville School.

We were able to enter a Year 6, a Year 7 and a Year 8 team, each with four members, and the aim is to work as a team to solve 20 problems worth 5 points each.

Our Year 6 team unfortunately had just 3 members for the competition because Couper was ill, BUT they managed to score a very creditable 60 points, and were placed 4th! Tumeke!

The Year 7 team had some pretty difficult questions right from the start, but they achieved 7 correct for a score of 35 - well done!

For Year 8, the very first question was a nasty one and things did not get much better! However, all members marched on and in the end their score (which incidentally beat 10 other teams at the competition!) was 25, with 5 questions correct.

Well done to all of our competitors. Next we have the Canterbury Cantamath competition on Wednesday 23 August at the Horncastle Arena. the same Year 7 and 8 teams will be competing - lots of practice before then!


Our teams are as follows:

Year 6: Connor; Couper; Isabella; Rydge

Year 7: Niko; Jackson; Sasha; Charlie

Year 8: Jordan; Sean; Anna;  Jaya

The Years 7 and 8 teams will then go on to compete in Canterbury Cantamath at the Horncastle Arena

on Wednesday 23 August.

  Each contest is just 30 minutes while teams try to solve up to 20 problems.

  cantay6       cantay7     cantay8

  Year 6 Canta Maths Team         Year 7 Canta Maths Team         Year 8 Canta Maths Team




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